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Top Message KIS “To be happy with You”

Our company’s name “K·I·S” means, “To be happy with you” in Japanese, This is our company’s philosophy, and we are hoping to share happineess with everyone involved with our business. We have been striving as a Professional Spice & Seasoning manufacturer in Japan for 80 years.

Our mission is to be a bridge connecting people all over the world through spices and seasonings. Our products are dry goods, whose strong point is its shelf life. It allows us to carry our spices and seasonings from equatorial area to polar area. In other words, wherever you live, you can enjoy tasty and seasoned food.

I’m sure that our healthy and tasty made-to-order products, which contain various sterilized spices, will satisfy your needs.

Akiyuki Iino Present K·I·S CO.,LTD
Akiyuki Iino Present K·I·S CO.,LTD

What are Japanese Seasonings?

Healthy & Tasty We provide you made-to-order Japanese Seasonings.

We define “Japanese Seasoning” as the ones which can reproduce cuisines in every country as safe and healthy food with making use of flavor of ingredients.

The Japanese like delicate tastes. Moreover we are keenly interested in food from abroad. In fact, Tokyo, the capital city in Japan, has restaurants with styles from as many as 130 unique countries.

Japanese food industry requires one of the most strict standards for food in the world. Our factory produces reliable goods that meet the strict standards.

We globally provide you made-to-order Japanese seasonings, which are produced skillfuly with our know-how.


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